Recently Funded Deals

Element Capital Funded a $250,000 commercial real estate purchase in the Midwest. The property was a 6 unit apartment building located in a difficult area for typical banks to finance in. The transaction was funded with no taxes or income verification required, 75% LTV, no debt service coverage limitation, a 5 year fixed on a 25 year amortization. Element Capital was able to fund this deal in 30 days from LOI.

Element Capital Lending recently provided a $200,000 cash out refinance for an apartment building located in Ohio. The transaction was funded in under 30 days with 75% LTV, 7 year fixed rate, 25 year amortization, no debt service coverage limitation, and no taxes or income verification required. This transaction only required one of the partners as the guarantor.

Funded $40k working capital in 5 days for a children’s day care chain in Chicago involved in a reverse merger.

Funded $80k Truck purchase through SBA. Cutting the monthly payment amount for the client vs. and an outright lease or buy that the dealer was offering.

Funded a revolving credit line for $100k for an engineering company in the Chicago area.

Funded a $3mm building purchase and business expansion through SBA in Texas. We were able to secure an extra $750k for the client in working capital for expanding his business serving autistic kids. Closed in 42 days.

Funded a Cash out Refi in Denver for $1mm for business expansion. Due to the complicated makeup of the holding company, the funding was done without any tax information. Still done at very advantageous rate and term. Closed in 30 days.