payroll-serviesWe believe in taking a systemic view to our clients’ business and aligning our efforts with the business goals of each owner.   We can help them achieve their goals faster. We bring expertise in the areas of organizational development, cultural alignment, and Human Resource/Risk mitigation best practices. We have the experience and knowledge to identify inflection points in any business, and help business owners make smarter decisions faster.

Human Resources Consulting

HR professionals provide the expertise, guidance and tools to help employers assess the culture and processes of their organization, identify gaps and opportunities and build efficient, profitable organizations.

Payroll Administration

The average small business owner spends up to 25% of work time handling employee-related administrative paperwork – time that could be better spent on executive functions. Every week, we process payroll for thousands of employees, helping business owners to focus on their core tasks without the distraction of administrative functions.

Workers Compensation – Self Insured in Colorado

  • Some key advantages to our workers’ compensation package
  • New clients start with an X-Mod of 1 when they join
  • Our workers comp “class code” rates are significantly lower than competition as we are self-insured and mitigate risk for clients.
  • No upfront deposit required; cost is integrated into the payroll billing as it occurs.
  • No “End of Year Audit” which can result in additional billing.
  • One third of each client’s qualified WC premium is reserved as a safety incentive which is rebated back to them, minus any claims, at the end of the year. Most clients use this as “safety bonuses” for their employees.

Risk Consulting

Risk mitigation is a team effort that prioritizes prevention and safety. We believe a cultural commitment to continuous improvement and a safe work environment is critical to the sustainability of every business. We partner with business owners to reinforce best practices for maintaining a safe work environment. When incidents do occur, risk consultants help identify the root cause and recommend adjustments to prevent further incident.

Our locally based teams of senior level professionals here in Colorado align with the mission of small business owners. We provide expert knowledge, experience and guidance to allow owners to more effectively run their business. We help business owners make smarter decisions faster.