Financing Power When You Need it Most

Bridge Loans - Element Capital LendingThere are many stages in the process of securing financing for a project. Sometimes these stages are completed at a slower pace than expected, which can leave many companies unable to move forward with time-sensitive plans. Sources of funding that seemed certain are suddenly unavailable or are unexpectedly delayed.

The hard money and bridge loans offered by Element Capital Lending, LLC in Colorado Springs, Colorado can help address these problems. We can help your project stay on track Nationwide.

Funding Progress With Bridge loans

Element Capital Lending has worked with many organizations to secure bridge and hard money loans to keep their important projects moving forward. We have established a broad professional network that includes numerous investment firms to offer the most competitive structuring around. We can offer the amount you need, when you need it. This important program includes:

  • LTV of up to 90%
  • National and international lending areas
  • Loan amounts between $1,000,000 and $100,000,000
  • Interest only amortization
  • Origination fee of 1% – 4%

The interest rates on our bridge loans are calculated based on the value of the real estate parcel used as collateral. We are able to accept both developed commercial real estate and raw land.

Get a Bridge Loan With Element Capital

Our team is ready to help your organization secure the funding it needs to keep moving forward. Contact Element Capital Lending today to discuss your current funding needs or to learn more about this important program.