Stock/Bond Portfolio Lending

Element Capital Lending offers a stock/bond portfolio line of credit program. This securities-based line of credit is very versatile. It is routinely used by franchise owners, commercial real estate investors, or to leverage the purchase of an existing business. It is open ended regarding use. The credit line can be turned into a longer term loan too. We offer this as an alternative to funding through traditional sources that might be met with limitations due to uses of funds, credit or financial history requirements.


The process is quick. You will be ready to draw from your line in 7 days. Rates are interest only and are between the WSJ prime rate and a half point over it. FICO’s do not determine size of loan or rate. This is a true line of credit.

This line of credit is extremely tax efficient. It gives access to your capital without incurring a sale of any of your appreciated assets in your portfolio.

Safe & Secure

Our stock portfolio lending program does not require a title transfer in order to gain access to funding. Our funding partners are some of the best known, fully-licensed SIPC/FINRA institutions on Wall St. and the World. Your portfolio continues to collect interest, dividends and any potential appreciation. Your ability to make trades or rebalance your portfolio continue as normal. The value of the stock/bond portfolio is only used as collateral and the basis for the line of credit.

Our Stock Portfolio Loan Program Features:

  • No loss of ownership, title transfers, or trading restrictions.
  • Up to 80% LTV on stocks
  • Up to 85% LTV on bonds
  • Up to 90% LTV on cash
  • Secure account management by top-tier certified brokerage members
  • Portfolio minimum of $85K
  • Performance-based line of credit grows as your stocks increase
  • High-end Assets (watercraft, aircraft, and luxury autos) can be used.

If you need extra working capital for any reason, but do not want to sell any portion of your stock/bond portfolio, Element Capital Lending can get a line of credit for your business based on the value of your financial holdings. This is a fast and secure alternative to traditional sources. It allows business owners to get the funding they need, regardless of credit or prior borrowing history.

Let your stocks work for you

Element Capital Lending can offer your business the funding it needs, when other sources cannot. For more information on our stock portfolio lending program, or our other innovative financing solutions, please contact us today.