Small Business Loans Help Your Company Achieve Success

Small Business Loans - Element Capital LendingSmall business funding can be a mandatory part of making an impact in a particular industry. Fortunately, Element Capital Lending can provide emerging businesses the financing required to ensure success whether they are located in Colorado or across the United States.

Our small business loan programs afford access to capital in a fast and efficient manner, which can be important in more competitive markets.

Trustworthy Financing Is Key

Trust can be a vital aspect of financing. That’s why Element Capital Lending is recognized as a Preferred Financial Services company by the Small Business Association. As a result, our clients know they can rely on us to provide the most suitable funding programs for their specific needs.

We Can Offer Your Business Many Funding Options

Because all businesses are different, having access to many types of funding options can be important. Element Capital Lending can meet the needs of most businesses thanks to our abundance of SBA financing solutions. This includes equipment and real estate purchases, re-financing procedures, and business acquisitions. We can also cover larger projects, which may require an ongoing source of financing to reach completion.

Acquisition Assistance

Acquiring new business ventures can be a great way for an emerging company to take steps towards becoming an established entity. To this end, Element Capital Lending can provide a number of loan options for your business.

These loans entail the following terms:

  • Pre-qualification in just 48 hours
  • Fully amortized loans
  • Loan terms extending to 25 years
  • Absolutely no penalties for pre-payment
  • Up to 80% financing available
  • We specialize in high LTV commercial R/E SBA and getting extra working capital rolled into the low rate loan

Equipment Financing Also Available

Our small business loan program even covers the purchase of necessary equipment, which is essential to ensuring a business can continue to run smoothly for the duration. Funding can be used to purchase a number of industry-specific items, from medical and diagnostic devices to heavy industrial equipment needed for construction work.

Financing Solutions for Your Business

When it comes to supporting small business endeavors, Element Capital Lending can offer your company the funding solutions it needs to enable continuous growth. For more information on our many innovative programs, please contact us today.