Element Capital Lending Partners With Healthcare Providers - Colorado and Nationwide

Healthcare Financing - Element Capital LendingProviders who operate a clinic on their own or with a partner need to work with a lending institution that understands the distinct nature of their business.

Many healthcare providers, including physicians, dentists, chiropractors, and veterinarians, have chosen to work with Element Capital Lending in Colorado Springs and the entire US.

We have the experience and lending power to offer competitive healthcare financing for a wide range of applications.

Financing Opportunities for Providers

You can use the working capital generated through financing to consolidate debt into a single source. Easy monthly payments will help get runaway interest rates under control and make your money work harder. We can also assist with acquiring a practice from an existing partner or buying into a different practice. This is the perfect way to grow a professional network. We can offer terms of up to 72 months with no upfront payments. Application only to $75,000 and full financials up to $250,000.

Healthcare financing can be used for many advantageous purposes, such as:

  • Debt consolidation
  • Practice expansion
  • Personal needs

Leasing Medical Equipment

All providers require a range of specialized equipment in order to provide essential care to their patients. We can help your clinic deliver more advanced care outcomes with our valuable leasing programs.

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